A tribute to the Hebrew culture and its presence in Cuba

Time Line

  • 1871 – Loriente Bros. Society is created -one of the most significant Importing Company in fabrics of the Island- with the name of its owners Castañón and Rodríguez.
  • In the year 1895 appear with Florentine Rodríguez's single name. In that same year, when Francisco and Vicente Loriente and Acevedo brothers adjoined in the business, the house began to operate under the name Quirós, Loriente and Co., Limited Partnership and later Loriente and Dosal. The Society’s name suffered several changes: in 1897, Loriente, Dosal and Co.; 1902, Loriente Bros.
  • In 1908, the Loriente Bros. admits as backer to the Mr. Manuel Campos and Prompin, for what henceforth it operates under the name Loriente Bros., Limited Partnership.
  • 1927 – Announced by Official Government Journal, It’s put up for auction the current Hotel Raquel, whose buyer would be Mr. Esteban Gacicedo and Torriente, born in Santander, Spain.
  • 20 de junio de 1927 - It was agreed to adopt for the future the denomination of Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Cuba, name that remained until its breaking off for Law no. 1091 of February 1 of 1963.
  • 23 de agosto de 1933 - Esteban Gacicedo dies in Cienfuegos, Cuba. Under opened testament front the solicitor Arturo López Madrazo, his wife, Ramona Isabel Felipa of Torriente and Madrazo and to his children: Rosalía María Del Carmen Estefanía, Isidoro Esteban Manuel, Esteban Joaquín Eduardo, Ramón Esteban Romero, Luis Esteban Nicolás and José María Esteban Macario Gacicedo and Torriente were declared as universal heirs.
  • 1933 – 1947 - Massive arrival to Cuba of Jews, because they were forced to look for establishment in these lands, as consequence of the expansion of the Nazism toward the European occident and at the end of Second World War.
  • 1934 – An anonymous society is constituted under the denomination Company of Rustic and Urban Properties by Gacicedo and Torriente Bros, joint to Manuel Ramírez y Cruz. It was devoted to the acquisition and sale of goods and rights of any nature, to the celebration of all kinds of civil, mercantile and industrial contracts and in general to all kinds of operations and business related with the industry, the trade and the agriculture.
  • 1939 – Great tragedy in front of the coast of Havana to the arrival of the Saint Louis boat with Jewish passengers, which were prevented to go down to Cuban earth.
  • 1999 -2000 – It was the restoration’s process of the property of Amargura Street No. 103, for the Office of the City Historian of Havana, to be transformed into the current hotel Raquel.


  • 2003 - The Hotel Raquel was decorated with biblical topics’ works for the painter, designer and illustrator, Member of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba: José Luis Fariñas.
  • June 5 of 2004 - It was inaugurated the exhibition "El arca", of the photographer Ismael Rodríguez in the Gallery Bezalel of the Hotel Raquel.
  • June 5 of 2004 – It was inaugurated in the first floor of Hotel Raquel the exhibition "Jewish topics in the Cuban contemporary art", integrated by paintings, drawings, pictures and 20 contemporary artists' sculptures.
  • June 7 of 2004 - The Conference: "Hebrew Personalities of the Cuban Journalism. Homage to Marcus Matterín" in the Hotel Raquel and that it had as guest the writer and journalist Jaime Sarusky, winner of the Prize Alejo Carpentier 2001, with his novel "A providential man".
  • June 2004 - The exhibition: "The Hebrew topic in the Cuban contemporary art" for the plastic artist Jorge Arnoldo Oliva Suárez in Bezalel gallery of the Hotel Raquel. Of the same one artist a permanent exhibition exists in this hotel.
  • For its pleasant comfort and location inside the Historical Center of the city, The Hotel Raquel had been chosen carefully as lodging headquarters in different events and international fairs, among which show up:
  • October 23 up to 27 of 2006 - IX National Congress of Internal Medicine of Cuba, the International Symposium of High Blood Pressure and the International Shop of Diabetes Mellitus.
  • November 2 up to 3 of 2007 - II Forum of Business of the Non-Aligned Countries.
  • November 5 up to 10 of 2007 - XXV International Trade Fair of Havana.
  • Collective exhibition in the Hotel Raquel, it related with the Jew thematic, of the artist Caesar Loyalist Jiménez

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